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3 factors to choose a teaching blackboard

2020-12-24  |  Industry trends

3 factors to choose a teaching blackboard

A fake classroom blackboard will seriously harm the learning effect of students. If you look at the fake blackboard for a long time, your eyes are easy to be tired, the surface is not clean, and the pencil dust is easy to fall. It can not guarantee that the electronic board can touch one another. The noise is big, the track is not flexible, and the surface is very easy to bulge. As a result, the teaching quality is endangered. So how to choose the right teaching blackboard seems to be very important.

Factory supply teaching blackboard - Wanzhi iron and Steel Group to summarize several factors for everyone, looking forward to providing a little help to everyone.

Teaching blackboard

1. There are many kinds of blackboards for school use supplied by manufacturers in the sales market. When companies or colleges carry out the selection of blackboard factories, they should know which kind of blackboards they must use earlier, and then grasp the price quotation. The key to carry out the comparison of green board factories in the future is to focus on the quality, price and service items.

2. Visit and inspect the manufacturer's supply of school teaching blackboard to find out whether it is a reliable manufacturer and whether it is a business license. Observe the manufacturing process of the processing plant, carefully observe and touch the blackboard produced by the manufacturer, and master the quality of the goods: whether the surface is smooth, scratch free and has color.

3. Master the quality of after-sales maintenance service of the manufacturer. If it is a lot of purchase, it is necessary to sign a good contract with the manufacturer to prevent problems in the middle and later stages. When the manufacturer supplies the school blackboard, it is necessary to carry out on-site engineering acceptance, and check after it is clear and accurate.